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General & Pre-University Studies Department

GMI - General & Pre-University Studies Department

Located at Kompleks Teknologi 1, General & Pre-University Studies , or GPS, is the department which coordinates the training of General Studies courses for GMI full-time programmes and runs the German A-Level Preparatory Programme (GAPP) training with support from the technical training department for the Vorpraktikum module.

GPS also houses the Library, the Chemistry and Physics Labs, and the Language Labs.

In addition to running the GAPP training, this section is responsible for courses such as Presentation & Communication Skills, Pre-Calculus, Engineering Science, Engineering Mechanics, German Language, Co-curiculum Management, Dinamika Islam di Malaysia/Etika & Moral Masyarakat Malaysia, Bahasa Kebangsaan and Pengajian Malaysia.

The Quality Assurance Section ensures that GMI training adheres to national quality requirements and is committed to overseeing that GMI training is certified for quality checks.

The MIS Section undertakes the responsibility of ensuring smooth operation via collection, processing and storage of at all levels within the organization. This, in turn, improves efficiency and effectiveness in running of daily operations of business and decision-making.