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The enriching student life at GMI has changed and affected many lives in many different ways.  

CNC Precision Technology


Mohd Tasbi Tahir

(Institut Latihan Perindustrian Labuan )

I want to produce my own brand product in the future. In order to become a good entrepreneur; I must know the process of producing a product. I have chosen CNC Precision Technology as it is still new in Malaysia. As we are still behind in producing CNC experts, GMI will be the best platform as they have more than 23 units of CNC machines catered for students. 


Product Design & Manufacturing


Nik Nur Fatiha Aini Bt Nik Suib

(Institut Kemahiran Lumut) 

My obsession in collecting designs from various products has motivated me to pursue my studies in Product Design & Manufacturing (PDM). In fact I want to have my own design with my name engraved on it. Studying PDM at GMI has given me good exposure on design theories and practices. 


Diploma in Electronics & Information Technology

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